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Whenever it comes to bedding and sleep solutions, we are reluctant like anything. We all need to understand a fact - mattresses have a direct impact on our body aches, posture, spine alignment, and sleeping. Unfortunately, unfamiliarity with mattress science doesn’t let us find the right mattress for ourselves. Recognizing this problem, Master Celeste Launched Pakistan’s first-ever mattress guide to educate us all about sleep and mattress science. Now enlighten yourself on how a quality sleeping solution can impact your overall health, performance, attitude, mood, and productivity.

For years several mattress myths and misconceptions have imparted a perpetual effect on our minds that we have started considering them true. At Celeste, we took the initiative and decided to educate masses about the mattress dynamics and trying to help make them understand how a quality mattress can help them sleep better and get rid of several chronic pains. The first episode of Master Celeste Mattress's guide discusses misunderstandings attached to mattresses, interesting facts about sleeping positions, and Celeste Ultra Ortho features.

3 Common Myths And Misconceptions Attached To Mattresses:

The Firmer The Better:

The most common of all misconceptions we have is that the firmer the mattress the better it is for your body. Well, it is not true. No backache can be treated by sleeping on a firm mattress or surface. Science has proven, a medium-firm mattress that conforms to the natural curve of the spine is effective for backaches.

One Mattress Fits All:

Well, it's another casually believed concept that a certain type of mattress can be comfortable for every type of sleeper but its generally not true. The choice of a mattress varies from person to person according to their body needs. The following factors play a great part in deciding the right type of mattress:

  • Sleeping position
  • Knowing your body needs
  • Identifying the body aches, you wake up with
  • Your weight
  • Sleeping issues

Mattresses Last A Lifetime:

Mattresses though are one of the consumer durable goods but still need to be changed after a certain time. You may not know our body release about a pint of oil every night and sheds the dead skin that gives birth to bed bugs, mites, and fungi in the mattresses. So, to maintain good bed hygiene doctors suggest that one must change mattress after every 7 to 10 years.

Know What Type Of Mattress Suits Your Sleeping Position:

Here are the types of mattresses suitable for different types of sleepers:

  • Side sleepers usually require a softer surface so that they don’t wake up with curbed shoulder and ache in the lumbar region
  • However, a back sleeper can use medium-firm support so that the mattress conforms to each body contour providing the right support to the spine keeping its natural alignment intact.
  • Firmer bases are best suitable for the stomach sleepers as it doesn’t let them sink into the mattress keeping the spine orientation unimpaired

Put Icebox Or Heat The Affected Area:

Master Celeste Guide Episode one will unfold for you the mechanism of the Celeste Ultra Ortho mattress in detail explaining how this special orthopedic mattress provides your back just the right support it requires. Celeste’s special Bonnel spring technology integrated with layers of quality foam makes an exceptional medium-firm mattress that proves an ultimate remedy for all the backaches and spine issues.


Almost every other Pakistani is facing backache and other sleeping issues due to poor sleeping solutions. Celeste Ultra Ortho presents the simplest solution to all the backaches with its unique and supportive engineering. Click here to watch the complete video!


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