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Everything you need to know about Master Celeste’s Eterna family spring mattresses

Everything you need to know about Master Celeste’s Eterna family spring mattresses

If you frequently toss and turn in bed due to an improper level of firmness or softness then you are unhappy about the mattress you have. Do you think your mattress doesn't fit you well? If you whispered yes to this question, then you are at the right place to know the answer!

Among the most important variables influencing comfort, seems to be the hardness of the mattress. Whether the mattress is overly squishy or just too hard, it may throw your vertebrae out of alignment as you rest, further triggering pain. Sleeping patterns, body weight, as well as mattress components, may all have an impact on how a mattress responds to the physique as well as how pleasant it seems. The optimal hardness for alleviating pressure points differs widely and is also affected by factors like body weight, sleeping posture, wellness, and even individual sensitivity.

Sounds like too much, right? Well, fret no more we saved you the hassle of research and providing you with the best guide for the perfect and luxurious sleep that you’ve been dreaming of. How so? With Master Celeste Eterna mattresses! Because the support, comfort, and pressure reduction provided by these mattresses are essential for maintaining a neutral spine alignment and a great night’s sleep. These mattresses are great for providing support to your full body giving you a lavish feel throughout the night, which as result helps to reduce or eliminate all your discomforts while you are sleeping.

Let’s dig deeper into all Eterna family mattresses and their extravagant benefits.

Eterna Soft

Eterna Soft provides all you need for a comfortable, luxurious, and restorative sleep. This 2in1 mattress is created by thoughtfully assembling the HD foam's particular layering. This luxurious mattress is the result of a unique process that combines a strong THT spring structure with plush, orthopedic support. The mattress' lavish velour deep quilted fabric cover and incredibly plush pillow top add to its richness. Celeste Eterna Soft has a wealth of characteristics, is high-quality, and can provide the best resting environment. This luxurious sleeping option, which provides the best of both worlds, works like magic!

Eterna Memory

Celeste Eterna Memory's luxurious memory foam and cleverly placed pocketed springs let it to precisely conform to each body contour and support the body's motion. The mattress is made more sensitive and opulent by the attached THT spring system, which responds to each movement independently. The layers of foam and springs are entirely knitted cloth, allowing the air to circulate through the mattress. With Ortho and plush support, this 2-in-1 mattress creates a durable sleeping arrangement that provides an exceptional sleeping experience.

Eterna Firm

It's like having your favorite dream come true to sleep on Eterna Firm! With THT spring technology, it offers a unique blend of support and real elegance. People who prefer extra firm support will find safety in this magnificent 2-in-1 mattress, which has one side that is firm and the other that is orthopedic. It's the ideal treatment for people with backaches and other orthopedic conditions. This specially created sleeping solution provides focused assistance to various body parts to refuel zeal for each day. The open-cell foam and breathable fabric provide air management, maintaining a constant, comfortable temperature. Every type of sleeper will love it because of its opulent quilted style!

Eterna Duo 3in1

This one is a true game-changer. People who like varying levels of comfort would benefit from the Eterna Duo 3in1. The mattress has a dual comfort surface that is velvety on one side and firm on the other. The soft side offers superb cushioning comfort, while the firm side is suitable for people looking for the best support. Additionally, the mattress can be simply flipped over for orthopedic support, which is great for pressure alleviation.

The opulent THT spring technology operates independently of one another and only responds to pressure placed on a specific region. It redefines elegance and richness entirely with its deeply quilted surface and soft velour material!


There you have it, all options under one roof. Master Celeste’s mattresses are an inimitable combination of true luxury and support. Just select the mattress according to your preference and get your life sorted.


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