Reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed, 20% of us experience neck pain every other day. Driving for long hours, wrong posture, excessive use of mobile phones, and computers can weaken neck muscles causing Text neck syndrome, even a serious condition of it generally known as kyphosis. We usually experience stiff or sore neck due to weak muscles. In case you’re suffering from stiff neck here are three remedies (a.k.a quick fixes) you can try at home:

Quick Fixes To Stiff Neck:


Stretching every day keeps neck pain at bay. Proper stretching, back and forth movement of the neck after a few intervals can get you complete relief from neck pain. Here are a few stretching techniques:

  • Roll your shoulders backward 10 times a day
  • Squeeze in your shoulder blades 10 times a day
  • Push your head back on the headrest of your car or fold your hands behind your head and push your head backward for about 30 seconds
  • Bring your ear to your shoulders. Repeat the process for both sides 10 times a day.

One can perform these simple stretching techniques anytime and anywhere.

Take Care Of Your Sleeping Habits And Posture:

If your neck hurts while sleeping then you must attend to your sleeping position and your bedding solution i.e. mattress and pillow. Neck pain can usually be treated by getting yourself a conforming mattress and a specifically designed neck pillow which supports the natural alignment of the spine. MoltyFoam’s MoltyOrtho range is carefully designed to help you with all your spine and ortho issues. Get these advanced medically approved bedding solutions to enjoy a sound slumber that will revitalize you for the day ahead.


Massaging is the oldest yet most effective technique for sore muscles. Find the knot with your hands and rub lukewarm oil over it with your fingers. Rub the knot formed into your neck and take it to lower back. Go further along your spine. The knot may get unwound near the coccyx. This spine and shoulder massage provides relief with not only the neck soreness but also rejuvenates the spine muscles making you feel light.

Put Iceor Heat The Affected Area:

We’d suggest you put an icepack on to the affected area first. The cold is recommended for neck pain as it reduces the lactic acid buildup around the neck. It reduces the inflammation and numbs the pain offering respite for a while. After chilling your neck out, heat over the affected area to improve the blood circulation. Follow these steps to help ease the pain:

  • Take an ice pack and keep it over the affected area i.e. neck and shoulder for 20 minutes.
  • Then take a long hot bath, or keep a hot water bottle, heating pad on the neck and shoulder for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat the process two to three times a day until complete relief.

These quick fixes will provide you relief instantly. However, to avoid such situations we will recommend you find yourself medically approved mattresses, pillows, and other neck accessories. They will not only help you with natural spine alignment but will keep kyphosis and scoliosis at bay.

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