About MoltyFoam Wellness Experts

Revolutionizing the concepts of modern shopping, MoltyFoam comes forward with an exceptional door-to-door service called MoltyFoam Wellness Experts. Our robust experts bring the store to your doorstep making comfort solution shopping all the more convenient.

How to Book an Appointment

MoltyFoam has transformed the face of comfort solution shopping and allows you to shop without
stepping out of your home. Book an appointment with MoltyFoam Wellness Experts today
by following these user-friendly steps:

  • 1. Visit our website, tap on the “book an appointment” button.
  • 2. Fill out the form providing required information.
  • 3. Our Wellness Experts will get in touch with you.
  • 4. The service is active from 9AM-9PM from Monday to Saturday

Or you can book an appointment by simply calling on
MoltyFoam helpline +92 42 111 666 555 or Call/WhatsApp 042 111 666 555to consult with our Wellness Experts.

How does it work?

Master MoltyFoam’s Wellness Experts service is simple and hassle-free. It is a complimentary service possessing no hidden costs. We launched this service to lessen shopping fatigue and to increase sleep solution awareness among the masses.

  • After booking an appointment, our Wellness Experts will contact you. The representative will gather necessary health and sleeping habits information.
  • Based on your availability and preferred time our expert will visit you with a perfect selection of mattresses catering to your specific needs.
  • Our Wellness expert will educate you about each mattresses’ technology. This service allows the customer to try, test, and feel the quality of products from the comfort of their home.
  • Our wellness expert will deliver your mattress at your door-step safely with the right guidance.

MoltyFoam Wellness Expert brings the experience of a retail store to your home. This unique service delivers a completely different shopping experience than that of online shopping. It offers better customer satisfaction, enables you to make better decisions by testing and trying the product, and seeking advice from a MoltyFoam Wellness Expert.

Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home now!

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