Remember the unbearable pain in foot, a scorching sensation in your calf, a buzz of pain rushing down from your back to the legs that wake you up in the middle of the night? Does it sound familiar? This sudden sciatic nerve pain leaves you completely impaired for a second and keeps you from sleeping a sound slumber. Fortunately for you all, there are several simple yet effective techniques to avoid sciatic pain. These techniques will enable you to have a good night sleep even with sciatica:

Warm Baths:

Having a long warm bath before sleeping may seem way too modest to be effective, but people squirming with sciatic pain confirmed the fact that warm bath where minimizes other aches, it also proves to be quite therapeutic for sciatic pain. A warm bath relaxes the muscles around the root of the sciatic nerve and releases endorphins to help relieve pain.

A Conforming Supportive Mattress:

A conforming mattress that hugs each contour of your body while providing the right support is the mattress one needs in life. Master Celeste specializes in crafting the best luxury mattresses that conform to your body and offer support with the web of compact Celeste springs. We’d personally recommend you to opt for Master Celeste’s Memory Luxe, Eterna Soft, Memory or Ultra Ortho. They all are one-of-a-kind mattresses. They cater to all your sleeping needs efficiently. Memory foam adapts to your body shape while Celeste quality springs provide support to your lumbar region, shoulders, and joints making the sleep movements smoother.

Sciatic Massage:

Massage is the oldest yet efficacious method. Rub lukewarm oil on to your back in a downward motion towards your buttocks. This simple message can easily be done at home. If you are facing serious sciatic pain then consulting a massage therapist can be a feasible option.

Utilize A Quality Neck Pillow:

A quality neck pillow is your best friend if you often experience sciatic pain. Invest in a quality neck pillow specifically designed to provide support to your neck and shoulder region helping you keep the natural spine alignment intact throughout the night and get rid of back pain. Celeste Microfiber pillow provides great support to your neck and allows you to enjoy a sound sleep.

Icing On Sore Areas:

Before sleeping put some ice on sore areas. It is another old technique but helps in making the pain numb. Put ice in a plastic zip bag and apply it over the lower back, tail bone and other affected areas for twenty minutes to rescue yourself from inflammation and sciatic pain.

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