Have you heard about the high pressure technology? Do you know what it can do for you? If you are still confused or lack knowledge in this regard, read on.

When you buy a new mattress pressure relief i.e. how effectively a mattress can equally distribute the weight over its surface is a major element to examine. As you know that the quality of sleep has a decisive role in the general wellbeing of life, which allows excellent sleep to enable the rhythm of regular circadian activity. Sleep quality is influenced by mattress composition. The force of body contact with the mattress is a measurement of body weight allocation over the surface of the mattress.

A well-designed mattress may frequently decrease the high-pressure areas on the body. However, in body areas where the pressure is focused, if the mattress is not suitable for the user, pressure sores may develop.

Higher pressure locations frequently include hips, back and shoulder. Sleep quality might be disturbed and one might feel lethargic or hard-bodied during the day. A pressure mattress is meant to enhance the comfort of a person with pressure sores. This mattress supports the head and body highly so that any stresses on the mounting points may be eliminated.

How Is Master MoltyFoam The Perfect Choice?

As you might know, Master MoltyFoam is the only mattress range in Pakistan that uses high pressure technology, thus providing additional relief and comfort. Our range of pressure reducing foam mattresses ensures that the user's weight spreads across a larger contact area; reducing pressure and therefore cutting down the risk of developing pressure ulcers whilst offering support and high degrees of comfort.

We have a wide range of spring mattress, foam mattress and even memory foam mattress, so you can find your perfect fit. We offer the best mattresses in Pakistan and your unwavering trust and support backs up our claim.

Have a restful sleep with Master MoltyFoam!

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