At MoltyFoam we are cognizant that the natural temperatures of the human body go up and down during the day. This fluctuation of temperature naturally results in tiredness, sleepiness, and interrupted sleep.

Studies indicate that reduced body temperatures appear to benefit sleep, whereas higher body temperatures might disturb the sleeping pattern. For such factors, the choice of cooling mattresses is vital for those who feel hot during the night.

Keeping that in mind, we advise using a reliable cool gel mattress to get rid of sleep interruptions and further problems that come with sleep deprivation. To provide you the perfect solution, we have introduced the MoltyCoolGel 7 Zone mattress. Following are some ways that make it the best choice for the masses.

What Makes MoltyCoolGel 7 Zone Special?

This mattress embodies everything you need for a restful summer night. The MoltyCoolGel 7 Zone conforms to your body posture and provides support to all parts of your body, reducing the stress felt while sleeping. The airflow technology promotes air circulation for extraordinary breathability.

The selection of fabric is of premium quality as well. It is crafted using high-quality and high-end fabric to ensure increased comfort. The fabric is further treated with an antimicrobial finish so it restricts the buildup of dirt, fungi, and dust mites.

It is extremely durable and longstanding. It stands tall as the only high-pressure foam in Pakistan. It not only provides back massage but gives you an accurate posture by lending support right where you need it. Further, the cool gel beads dissipate excess body heat so you keep cool and comfortable all night long. The MoltyCoolGel 7 Zone mattress is particularly aimed at making your night peaceful, even during the hottest summer days. It makes you feel fresher and rejuvenated, turning your days happier!

A Final Word:

Summer means making significant changes to your sleeping environment as well as your sleep accessories. This summer, switch to MoltyCoolGel 7 Zone mattress and indulge in a restful sleep all night long!

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