Top 4 Sleep Goals to Set in 2023

Top 4 Sleep Goals to Set in 2023

If you offer yourself a realistic but significant goal, you'll have the highest chance of achieving it. What are you hoping to accomplish in the year 2023? Is it changing your diet or reducing your time in front of the TV? Or maybe you've wanted to learn how to juggle or go for longer walks. What sounds best is to have a better night's sleep!

If you want to be productive during the day, getting enough sleep each night is essential. If you make these sleep resolutions for 2023, you'll wake up each day feeling refreshed and have more stamina for the rest of your resolutions. Remember to include your sleep patterns while making resolutions and adjusting your routine for the new year.

A Daily Ritual of Waking Up at The Same Time:

You may be tempted to sleep late on your days off, but when Sunday night rolls around and you find yourself tossing and turning again, you'll realize that those lazy afternoons weren't worth it. Put yourself to the test by forcing yourself to get up at the same hour every day, regardless of whether or not you have any obligations that day. We know it can be challenging to get up early on the weekends at first, but we promise that your body will be grateful for the effort. Maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule allows your body to use better the sleep it receives and makes it simpler to fall asleep at night.

Put Away Your Electronic Devices:

You may think you're doing yourself a favor by watching a whole season on Netflix just before bed. Still, research shows that screen time negatively impacts sleep quality. Spending time on electronic devices like phones, tablets, and laptops in the 30 minutes before bedtime might make it more difficult to fall asleep and increase the likelihood of waking up during the night. This is because the blue light generated by all these devices might prevent the body from producing melatonin, keeping you up and alert far into the night. Give up your smartphones and computers, and go for a classic analog clock instead (yes, even the screen on your watch can harm your sleep). A good night's sleep is only a few weeks away when you commit to making your bedroom screen-free.

Establish A Consistent Schedule for Yourself:

Your mind is a very efficient connection machine; it will automatically begin to establish associations when you often engage in the same routines. Set up a pattern that signals to your body that it is time to sleep if you struggle to doze off at a decent hour. Whatever you choose, doing it in the same manner, at the same time every night, can help your brain receive the message that it's time to sleep, whether that's a few minutes of yoga or a glass of warm milk while you read a book.

Invest in a New Mattress: 

Suppose you don't have a supportive, comfortable mattress. Mattresses should be changed every five to seven years, so if yours shows signs of wear, it may be time to treat yourself to a brand-new, comfortable mattress. In that case, planning and preparation will only help you get a decent night's sleep. A decent mattress should make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud while also giving your back and neck the support they need. There is no such thing as a "wrong" mattress, so come in and sample as many different kinds as you like! We have everything from king to twin, plush to firm, and pillow tops to memory foam. Your option is up to you! Buying a new, high-quality mattress from Master MoltyFoam will put you closer to achieving your 2023 sleep goals.

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