The modern-day tech essentials where on one hand are contributing to make our lives comfortable, on the other hand, they are also giving birth to certain health conditions that never existed before. Such a condition that is shaking the physical appearance and personalities of tech-savvy adults and digitalized kids is “Text Neck Syndrome”.

Research shows that every other smartphone user is suffering from Text neck syndrome. The growing rate of gadget usage among children has made them prone to text neck syndrome leading to a severe spine degeneration disease called kyphosis. However, in Pakistan, not much of the parents are informed of the existence of text neck syndrome. Well, if you aren’t familiar with the severity of Text Neck Syndrome then it's time for you to know about it and its severities.

Here is how you can put a stop to the text neck syndrome at its earliest:

Posture Correction Apps:

Posture correction apps come in very handy when it comes to text neck syndrome and overall spine health. Being the ambassador of comfort and health, Master MoltyFoam launched Pakistan’s first-ever posture correction app “Neck up by MoltyOrtho” to reduce the chances of spine degeneration in Pakistan. The app is smartly designed to force children, adults, and even elderlies to maintain a healthy posture whilst utilizing wireless devices.

Visit A Chiropractor:

Since ancient times chiropractic treatments are considered to be highly efficient to treat spinal issues, muscle strain, and other orthopedic problems. Chiropractors are equipped to treat pain sources whether it be a traumatic injury or text neck, kyphosis, or any other orthopedic condition. They tactically manipulate the spine positioning to provide relief from pain.

Change Your Smart Devices Usage Habits:

Changing smart devices usage habits don’t necessarily mean that you have to give up texting or gaming, but rather connote managing the time you are spending on your handheld devices. Keep a thorough track of your mobile phone use and give yourself breaks after every few internal. Monitoring your screen activity is not a difficult thing anymore. Almost all smart devices come with a built-in feature of screen time reports. It constantly keeps you informed of your screen time.

Include Tech Neck Stretches And Exercises Into Your Routine:

Poor lifestyle and unhealthy posture are the main causes that are giving birth to advancement influenced diseases such as Text Neck Syndrome. Lifestyle change is the most practical step to treat text neck syndrome. Sitting in a bad posture during long working hours, fixating eyes on screens for the Pub-G night, and sleeping on non-conforming surfaces all are contributing to the development and worsening of Text Neck Syndrome. Simple stretching exercises at home can help a big time in providing relief from neck and shoulder muscle strain but also help in keeping natural spine alignment intact.

Consider Taking TENS Therapy:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Therapy usually known as TENS helps with spinal problems through mild electrical pulses with minimal risk of side effects. Healthcare professionals usually suggest it for aggravated cases. In case, you don’t feel any significant difference in your condition, consider having a discussion about TENS and its benefits with your doctor before switching to it.

We hope this piece helped you understand what Text Neck Syndrome is and how it can be treated. We have to get hold of our smartphone usage habits. We can put a stop to this disease without any medication by implementing healthy lifestyle practices and utilizing orthopedic resting solutions that keep us comfortable and active around the clock.

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