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HD foam and robust DHT Spring Technology’s unique foundation pledges pertinent backing to each region of the body. It upgrades the sleeping experience with its thoughtful manufacturing. It prevents height loss and deformation of mattresses. Celeste Bravo Plus spring mattress is a dual-sided sleeping solution with a pillow top. Enjoy the extra layer of comfort on both sides of the mattress that offers better care and prolongs the life of the mattress. The robust reflex foam, coupled with a 360 stretch cover, offers you the best support all night long. 

Mattress Thickness: 11.25 (Inches)

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Bonnell Springs
Wider sleeping surface with springs tied width wise. No roll together effect
360 Stretch Cover
Drift off to a peaceful comfy sleep surrounded by the 360 Stretch Cover.
Quilted Design
The surface of the mattress is covered in a level fabric and has no appearance of tufts.
Supportive Reflex Foam
Full body support; Comfortable to sleep on.
Firm Support
Working independently from each other, each spring reacts only to the pressure applied to that area.
Pillow Top
Offer a good balance of cushioning and firmness throughout the mattress surface.

The Bravo Plus is an adaptive mattress. The innovative placement of Bonnell springs to form a dual-sided mattress certainly mitigates stress and improves the quality of sleep.



Master Celeste Bravo Plus offers extra cushioning than a standard pillow top spring mattress. A comforting pillow top in alignment with resilient foam and compact Bonnel springs tucked underneath an attractive knitted fabric offers a splendid bedding experience and great value for money. Cutting short it is one of the best pillow top mattresses!


Celeste Bravo Plus has this supple, body-hugging, and supportive feel- courtesy of quality foam, extra padding, and compact Bonnel springs.


Bravo Plus- a mattress built to last a lifetime. The top-quality mattress offers the right support to your lumbar region to prevent body aches and make the sleep movement seamless.


You can try our mattress for 14 days. If you don’t love it, you can return it for a full replacement.

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Bravo Plus
Single - 78*42 - Rs.51,000
  • Single - 78*42 - Rs.51,000
  • Queen 1 - 78*60 - Rs.68,500
  • Queen 2 - 78*66 - Rs.74,000
  • King - 78*72 - Rs.78,500
  • King XL - 84*78 - Rs.100,500

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
It's what they say it is

I was very reluctant paying more than 50k for a mattress but after using it for a year, I can say it's definitely worth it. Very high quality.

durability at it's best

Been using this mattress since 4 years now. would definitely recommend it.

Mohsin Khan

Good quality mattress. Best for comfortable sleep.

Sultan Bodla
Good Quality

Excellent experience in 2 years.

Kashif Siddiqui
Lovely feel

I love the pillow top feel on this. Adds so much to the mattress and its comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if I need a new mattress?
When was the last time you thought about your mattress? Many of us forget that our mattresses are the most utilized piece of furniture we own. In fact, if you sleep eight hours a night, in one year you’ll rack up 3000 hours on your mattress. After ten years, you’ll have logged 30,000 hours on the same bed. Listed below are a few hints that indicate it’s time to start thinking about renewing your sleep surface.

You bought your current mattress over eight years ago.

The average lifespan of a quality mattress is eight to ten years. Mattresses older than that suffer from deteriorating comfort features and diminished support capabilities. You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep.

Most consumers wait too long to replace their mattresses. If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—or if you feel any pain or discomfort—you've definitely waited too long. The couch feels more comfortable than your bed.

Concentrate on the feel of your mattress. Do you feel coils or bumps? Your body needs a smooth, comfortable sleep surface to get a regenerative night’s sleep. Your mattress should enable you to sleep through the night with minimal tossing and turning. Your mattress looks worn and uneven.

Inspect your mattress regularly for sags and imprints. If your mattress appears uneven or worn and frayed, maybe it’s time to start shopping. The upholstery layers in all mattresses compress over time. For optimal performance, be sure to rotate your mattress occasionally to extend its durability and renew its comfort. If you "inherited" your mattress from a family member or friend, chances are you need to replace it now. You’ve taken your mattress for granted.

Mattresses are the most used yet most ignored piece of furniture in the house. Pay attention to your mattress. Do you hear creaks and groans? Do you notice the surface sags or indents in certain areas and not in others? The condition of your mattress may come as a surprise, once you take a close look.
Does a mattress need to be hard in order to be good for me?
No! The ideal mattress offers correct support regardless of comfort level or price.
Should I be concerned about bedding height?
For consumers who don’t want the extra height that comes with today’s bedding, Master offers a “low profile box spring,” cutting the height of the box spring by up to 4.5 inches! A low-rise bed frame can also reduce the overall height of your mattress surface. In addition, most stores also offer “low-profile frames”, which also reduce overall height.
Is there any brand warranty?
Yes, our mattress is covered by a 10 years warranty (the “Mattress Warranty”).

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