5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Bedroom's Feng Shui and Your Sleep

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Bedroom's Feng Shui and Your Sleep

You may use Feng Shui principles to bring harmony and prosperity into your bedroom. Here are some basic Feng Shui guidelines to assist you in having a better night's sleep and a deeper understanding of the practice.

Bedroom Layout for Maximum Feng Shui Effects

Expertise in Feng Shui might be at one of many different levels since it takes so much time to learn.

To begin, let's define Feng Shui, shall we?

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is a concept that proposes a set of natural principles to control the placement and orientation of your furniture and other decorative elements to maximize the flow of positive energy (Chi). Chinese for wind is Feng, while water is Shui. These things together represent the natural rhythm of life that one hopes to cultivate in their own dwelling. The 1970s saw the emergence of a new Western school of Feng Shui. The traditional form of Feng Shui concepts, such as Chi flow and the manifestations of Yin and Yang, form the basis of this system, as does the psychology of goal-attainment via focused attention on the many facets of life.

We've put up this Feng Shui guide to help you get a good night's sleep by directing your energy in the appropriate direction.

Here Are 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Feng Shui-Friendly:

  • Put the bed in the middle of the room.
  • Purchase a bed and mattress that is king or super-king size.
  • Try to avoid having any mirrors directly across from your bed.
  • Adjustable blinds may be used to increase ventilation.
  • Don't spend too much time in front of screens.
    1. Place The Bed in The Middle of the Room:

      The "commanding posture," essential to Feng Shui, involves positioning items such that they face the front entrance but are not directly in front of it. Since it is the focal point of your bedroom and where you will spend most of your time, your bed should occupy a prominent location according to Feng Shui principles. You should put your bed at a right angle to the door, so you can see the door but not out of it as you sleep.

      2. Splurge On a King- Or Super-King-Sized Mattress and Bed:

        The focus of Feng Shui is on how people and their surroundings influence one another. Since our bedrooms make up a sizable percentage of that space, practicing Feng Shui, there is an excellent method to bring more harmony into our daily lives since it is where we spend a considerable deal of our time sleeping. If your bedroom is spacious enough, a luxurious king-sized mattress will serve you well. That's because they provide the most room for us to spread out and escape the noise and bustle of the outside world. Looking for the most luxurious range of mattresses? Click here and order yours now!

        3. Keep Mirrors Far from Your Bed So You Can't See Yourself When You're Sleeping:

        However, mirrors may be tricky to position correctly in a bedroom when trying to adopt Feng Shui because of their ability to make a small space seem more significant. Most importantly, make sure your mirrors are not perpendicular to the bed since this can provide additional visual clutter. Therefore, mirrors are not always forbidden in a Chi bedroom. You should attempt to avoid looking at yourself in the mirror when lying in bed, and you should move the mirror so that it is not facing the door.

        Positioning them across from a window will allow you to take advantage of natural light without disrupting your efforts to unwind in bed.

        4. Adjustable Blinds Are a Great Way to Let in More Fresh Air:

          Feng shui advocates for plenty of natural light and air circulation in the bedroom. This will not only help you sleep better, but it will also keep your bedroom smelling nice and clean.  Recent research indicated that participants slept better, woke up less often during the night, and experienced lower levels of carbon dioxide while sleeping in a ventilated room as opposed to an unventilated one. In turn, fewer individuals woke up throughout the night as carbon dioxide levels dropped. 

          5. Reduce Your Time Spent in Front of Screens:

            When it comes to disrupting sleep, blue light is one of the biggest offenders. However, balancing yin and yang in the bedroom is about more than just avoiding technology's adverse effects on our circadian cycles. Since the principles of Feng Shui are based on the natural world, the introduction of any technology or man-made object into our surroundings may have a negative effect on the flow of Chi and, therefore, our ability to rest and unwind.

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