Are you not feeling your usual self for a couple of days? Is your sleep schedule getting messed up? Are you finding it hard to go to sleep at night or keep waking up during the night? As far as we know, it might be because of the changing weather.

Although many components of healthy sleep are under our control, the external environment is a frequently ignored issue. Fluctuations in temperature, atmospheric pressure, moisture and precipitation impact us. Our sleep is impacted by the surrounding environments as well as the seasonal changes, like any other physiological function.

Is Winter Approaching Soon?

Sleep is influenced by winters; vitamin D levels can be redEterna Firm Mattressuced by shorter winter days and much less sunshine. This vitamin is essential for the creation of serotonin, which is essential to the maintenance of the sleeping cycle and melatonin levels. Chronic vitamin D deficiency may induce seasonal affective disorder or SAD, which is why it is so vital to go out throughout the colder months as much as feasible.

One advantage of winter, however, is that colder air helps your deeper sleep as temperatures play a vital part in sleep and helps to achieve circadian cycles. Preferably your head should be a bit colder than that of the core body temperature to make the circadian temporarily available.

How To Adjust To Changing Weather?

  • Try to alter your body clock. You could even adjust one or more of your timepieces to an earlier point in time and modify the schedule of your mealtime and activities.
  • Do not eat much late at night, since you will find it difficult to sleep well
  • Take a power sleep in the middle of the day to control your weariness.
  • This boosts serotonin production that helps the body adapt. If you can, practice outside. Making as much light as possible is a good idea since the circadian rhythm of the body is restored.
  • Resist sleeping in the morning of Sunday to acquire that extra hour, or resting on Sunday evening may be tough.

Does My Choice Of Mattress Matter?

Yes, more than you think it does! At, Master Celeste, we are cognizant of the fact that the choice of mattress serves as the most important thing when it comes to sleep. If you own a sagging mattress or your mattress just doesn’t comply with your resting needs, it can wreak havoc on your sleep quality and routine.

We at Master Celeste have a wide range of the best mattresses and accessories that can prove to be your knight in shining armor, no matter how hot or cold the weather conditions are. Our top favorite right now, is:

• Eterna Firm

Eterna Firm Mattress is an inimitable combination of true luxury and support. A magnificent 2in1 mattress with one side being firm and the other orthopedic is a safe haven for people who prefer extra firm support. It’s a perfect solution for individuals suffering from backaches and other orthopedic issues. This uniquely designed mattress offers targeted support to different regions of the body to recharge zeal for every day. The breathable fabric and open-cell foam offer air regulation keeping the temperature moderate at all times.

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