When was the last time you thought of switching your pillows? If the answer is ‘it has been quite a while’ then you must start thinking of replacing your pillows right away. You might not be familiar with the fact that an average human being loses about half a pint of oil every night. And your pillow endures all of your face and hair oil. A nice clean pillow with amazing neck and head support is necessary to enjoy a perfect night’s sleep and fresh skin. Usually, mattresses are considered to be the most important investment when it comes to sleeping. But when we talk about a rejuvenating sleep, a quality pillow is as important as that of the mattress.

Simple Tests To Check If Your Pillows Need To Be Replaced Or Not:

  • Mere examining and smelling your pillow can tell if it needs to be changed or not. Take off the pillow cover and examine it for stains, fungi, and breakage. See if the foam is dissipating, torn from somewhere, or have developed an unpleasant smell. These are the clear signs indicating that one needs to change his/her pillows asap.
  • Another testing method to check pillow quality is to fold it. If it gets fold easily and maintains its position know that there is no life left in your pillow. It has lost its ability to mold itself according to your head, neck, and shoulder and now provides a plane surface that doesn’t conform to the curves. For a king-size pillow, fold your pillow in third-half rather than in half.

Best Pillows Suggested By Healthcare Professionals:

Orthopedic Pillows:

MoltyOrtho Neck Support:

MoltyOrtho is the culmination of years of research and experimentation having a unique design and high-quality memory foam. The innovative design and conforming properties of memory foam provide exceptional support to the head, neck, and shoulders. It is specially designed to provide relief from neck tension one usually experiences during and after sleep. It keeps the natural spine alignment intact while sleeping to provide a rejuvenating slumber.


  • Unique neck support design
  • Best for people with chronic neck aches
  • Quality memory foam
  • Orthopedics recommended
  • Breathable fabric
  • Treated with Fresh Guard Technology

MoltyOrtho Cervical Support:

Cervical support is yet another innovative product by Master MoltyFoam curated to deliver a supportive pillow for people suffering from cervical and neck issues. It’s special cut out design offers better fitting to shoulders while providing support to the cervical, neck, and head. MoltyOrtho Cervical support is chiropractors and orthopedics favorite.


  • Unique cut out design for cervical support
  • Quality Molty memory foam
  • Breathable plush fabric
  • Designed to provide support to the neck, head, and shoulder
  • Adapts according to the neck
  • Treated with Fresh Guard Technology

Pillows With Thermoregulation Properties:

Molty CoolGel Pillow:

If your body heat is not letting you enjoy quality sleep, MoltyFoam has the perfect solution for you. MoltyFoam’s Cool Gel range contains special cool gel beads that absorb the mattress heat and push it down to the core making the surface cool. These beads show the temperature difference of up to 5 degrees. Molty CoolGel pillow is a nice plush pillow from this range containing memory foam infused with cool gel beads. The amazing thermoregulating properties of cool gel keep the pillow temperature moderate however the memory foam conforms to your shoulders and neck providing a calming sleep.


  • Cool gel beads
  • Temperature regulation
  • Memory Foam
  • Soft plush fabric
  • Conforms to head, neck and shoulder
  • Temperature difference up to 5 degrees

Molty Nature Sleep Pillow:

Molty Nature Sleep pillow is a unique pillow. Quality memory foam in concordance with a pro ventilation design ensures support and comfortability all night long. Breathable fabric and the airflow mechanism prevent foam from heating up and provides a sweat-free restful sleeping experience. The quality memory molds itself according to the head, neck, and shoulder to deliver maximum support and rejuvenating sleep.


  • Quality Molty Memory Foam
  • Adaptable
  • Pro-ventilation design
  • Soft plush fabric
  • Conforms to head, neck and shoulder
  • Treated with Fresh Guard Technology

Aloe Vera Pillow:

Molty Aloe Vera Gel Pillow:

Molty Aloe Vera Pillow contains the natural benefits of aloe vera to ensure wellness. Quality Molty Memory Foam provides personalized support to the shoulder and above area, making night’s sleep all the more rejuvenating. Aloe Vera’s known healing properties make this pillow a perfect fit for people with allergies and neck aches.


  • Healing properties of aloe vera
  • Quality Memory Foam
  • Helps with skin allergies and neck aches
  • Thermoregulation
  • Breathable soft fabric
  • Pro ventilation design
  • Treated with Fresh Guard Technology

The importance of a pillow for quality sleep cannot be underestimated. Getting enough of the restful sleep requires suitable sleeping conditions and solutions that help maintain a healthy posture while resting. Master MoltyFoam pioneer of foam in Pakistan manufactures health-friendly products to help you maintain healthy sleeping conditions to enjoy a restful sleep.

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