If you are reading this article, you might have already decided to get yourself a knee pillow, and just exploring how it can prove to be beneficial for sleep and orthopedic problems. We created the Moltyortho knee pillow after extensive research. Probing the sleeping postures, knee problems, alignment issues, and backaches we came up with a perfect compact solution in the shape of a knee pillow to provide relief from all these problems.

We lose control of our body while sleeping, however, our body unconsciously signals the brain of the uncomfortable positions. Our body manifests these signals in twisting and turning making the body restless. Can you recall that empty feeling nagging in the hips and deaf hollow knees which makes you feel heavy in your legs? Many side sleepers experience aches in the lower back due to poor sleeping posture. Here are a few reasons why you should get yourself a knee pillow to keep your body’s anatomical structure healthy:

Reduces Spine, Neck, And Muscle Aches To A Great Level:

The ergonomic design of the pillow help maintains a healthy posture while sleeping minimizing the effect of knee-knocking. A high-quality knee pillow delivers comforting support between the knees which in turn stabilize and balance the knees reducing the pull on the spine, shoulders, and lower back. Leg pillow ensures a neutral sleeping position to legs, back, and neck to maintain a healthy sleeping posture all night long.

Eliminates Pressure And Muscle Tension:

Why do we look for a comfortable sleeping surface? Because we want our body to relax and rejuvenate at its best with quality sleep. As much as a mattress is important for comfortable sleep, pillows and support cushions hold equal significance. Along with a conforming pillow that helps take the pressure off of the shoulders and neck and a supportive mattress that lets you sleep effortlessly in sleep, a quality Moltyortho knee pillow plays a vital role in maintaining a neutral spine alignment to elevate the pressure off of the muscles.

Helps With Sciatica:

The ergonomic cut out design of MoltyFoam's high-quality knee pillow ensures a great reduction in sciatic pain. The curved structure minimizes the muscle tension elevating stress off of the sciatic nerve, and improves blood circulation to the lower body.

A Must-Have For Pregnant Women:

Safety of the growing child within the human body requires a balanced postural alignment. Stress, muscle tension, backaches, and other such common problems observed during pregnancy impart a negative effect on the health of the unborn. To do so, healthcare professionals all around the globe recommend the use of orthopedic knee pillows to attain neutral spine alignment.

Balance Your Hips:

The unique design of the knee pillow help balances the hips for a straighter posture. Most of the side sleepers experience unstable hips due to knee-knocking and poor spine arrangement. The conforming knee pillow sets the hip bone at a resting angle, helps take the stress off, and aligns the hips at an optimal position. Utilization of this pillow prevents the ligaments and muscles from getting strained.

Note that not every pillow can help you with your spinal issues. Only a precisely designed pillow with appropriate height and thickness can help you get rid of alignment issues. If you’re looking to get yourself a knee pillow to maintain your spinal health while sleeping then you better invest in a quality ergonomic knee pillow that is specifically designed to balance out the spinal arrangement for healthy sleep

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