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Common Symptoms That Indicate That You Are Sleeping On the Wrong Mattress! Buy The best Mattress in Pakistan


Sleeping with back, neck and other chronic pains becomes a literal nightmare. You constantly toss and turn onto your bed, and use extra pillows trying to get a little comfortable but all in vain. You might fall asleep for a little while but only to get up all groggy and grumpy.

These aches can stay with you for your whole day, especially when you haven’t had a good night’s rest. Understanding how your bed and sleep have a direct impact on your sleep can be the first step towards pain relief. If you have any of these following symptoms, then know for a fact that you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress and you need to buy the best mattress in Pakistan at Master moltyfoam wide range of mattresses and bedding accessories.

What Issues Can It Cause?

The most prevalent symptom- every age group is suffering from back pain which is a clear indicator that you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress. Although the issue can be because of some medical condition but still can be soothed down with the right mattress. Yes, it's true. Don’t trust my claim? Try MoltyOrtho range mattresses to see for yourself.

Another common symptom informing you that you have the wrong mattress underneath you. Chronic pains usually occur due to a lack of physical activity and unhealthy sleeping habits. Lack of quality sleep also causes depression and anxiety.

If you are already suffering from such issues, then changing to a soothing and comforting mattress can help to minimize it. Body stiffness is a common issue we all face, but don’t understand what causes it. Uncomfortable bedding is one of its core factors to it.

Why Choose the Best Mattress in Pakistan?

All of the above-mentioned issues can be minimized with the best mattress in Pakistan. We do not pay heed to our body requirements while getting ourselves mattresses and pillows. If you are suffering from any of the above problems, then consider shifting to a comfortable bedding solution.

Check from MoltyFoam wide range of best mattresses in Pakistan and accessories to find yourself medically approved bedding accessories  that can help you with these problems. Here are a few suggestions for you:

· MoltySleep:

    MoltySleep is a duo of a soft and firm mattress. The mattress is a unique foam mattress containing two sides, a firm one and a soft one- a perfect match for all your sleeping needs. Just flip the mattress to fi

    nd a suitable side for your body’s needs. Get yours here



    · MoltyOrtho Memory: 

    Moltyortho memory - Best mattress in Pakistan for Orthopedic Patients

      MoltyOrtho Memory as the name suggests is best suitable for people suffering from orthopedic issues. This memory foam mattress provides your body with support along with suppleness. It conforms to your body contours and lifts pressure off of bones by equally distributing your body weight on the surface. It is the right fit for people suffering from Back pain, chronic muscular pain, and spine issues. 



      · Molty Cool Gel 7 Zone:

      Molty Cool Gel 7-zone mattress

        Molty Cool Gel 7-zone mattress is specially designed to offer support to 7 zones of your body to deliver the most comfortable sleeping experience. In Pakistan, we get to enjoy all the four kinds of weather around the year. When the heat gets unbearable, a comfortable yet cool mattress becomes an absolute need. The special cool gel technology of the Molty Cool Gel 7 zone mattress keeps the mattress temperature low providing a comfortable and cool sleeping experience. However, the cool gel technology adapts to the weather conditions keeping the temperature moderate at all times. Get yours here.

        Best Mattresses in Pakistan – Parting Thoughts

        If you often wake up feeling weary or if you have trouble falling or staying asleep, you should have a sleep study done to rule out sleep apnea or some other significant medical problem. But after you've ruled out everything else, it's time to point the finger at your mattress.

        A mattress or bedding that is too old or that does not provide you with the appropriate support might make it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep. There are a few difficulties with mattresses that are difficult to ignore. If you get out of bed in the morning with a stiff neck or back, you should definitely look into upgrading your mattress at some point.

        Whatever the issue may be, Master MoltyFoam has got the finest range of best mattresses in Pakistan.


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