Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial to Washing a Summer Quilt

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial to Washing a Summer Quilt

As with another piece of bedding, a summer quilt has to be cleaned at some point in time. Everyday usage, pet paws, children's spills, and other factors all contribute to the deterioration of a quilt. Washing a quilt is a simple process.

A quilt is a thin bed cover made up of two layers of cloth sandwiching a batting in the middle. A quilt, whether handmade or machine-stitched, may be a pain to wash since you don't want to destroy it. When it comes to minor blemishes and dust accumulation, this tutorial is for you.

Quick and Easy Steps You Need to Follow

When washing your quilt this way, you'll get a better result.

You'll have to have:

  • A huge tub or a sink
  • Rack for drying
  • Towels that have not been soiled
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent (dye-free, scent-free)
  • Vinegar that's been diluted with water

          - Check the Quilt for Defects

          Be sure to check your quilt for damage before you wash it. This is the best time to use a sewing kit to mend any loose threads or stretched-out seams. That way, you won't end up making minor blemishes worse when you wash the quilt. An experienced seamstress may assist you if you lack the necessary sewing supplies or lack the ability to sew on your own.

          - Fill the Tub with Water

          Start by cleaning your bathtub or big sink. Rinse it a few times to make sure there is no soap residue left behind. Fill the tub with ice-cold water after that. Add your mild liquid detergent, devoid of dyes and fragrances, to the tub next. If you're able to track down a quilt-specific soap, it might also work.

          - The Quilt Should Be Soaked

          Soak the quilt in water until it is completely submerged. Make circular motions with your hands, gently swaying the blanket around in the water. This will aid in the cleanup process by sweeping up any debris. Submerge the quilt for 10 to 15 minutes.

          Drain the soapy water from the tub, and then dry the tub. Pour in some fresh water and half a cup of distilled white vinegar into the tub. In addition to ensuring that the quilt is free of detergent residue, the vinegar will also help keep the fabric supple after washing it. Continue to swirl the blanket for a few more seconds.

          - The Fourth Step Is to Wash the Quilt

          After that, it's time to wash the quilt. The tub should be drained and refilled with new, cold water. To remove any residual detergent, re-toss the quilt in the sink or tub. Rinse the quilt many more times until it is clear of any detergent residue.

          - Removing and Drying with A Fan

          Remove the quilt after the tub has drained. Wet quilts are heavy, so you may need the support of a buddy. Using your hands, gently squeeze some of the water out, but avoid wringing the quilt out completely. In addition, drying damp quilts on a clothesline runs the danger of ripping the seams. Rather, a drying rack would be more appropriate. Make a bed of dry towels for the wet quilt and stretch it out on the ground so that it's fully flat and dry. Open a window or place a fan on the floor to hasten the drying process.

          If the quilt begins to leak, add additional thick towels on top of it to help absorb the moisture. Press or roll up the quilt between the towel beds and then transfer it to another layer of towels to continue drying, if you have enough towels available to do so.

          Do Often You Need to Wash a Quilt?

          Less washing is preferable for preserving the colors of your quilt than using pillowcases or duvets. Once a season, you may wash a frequently used quilt. Consider washing an antique or vintage quilt even less often. If you don't use your quilt very frequently, you may get away with washing it just once or twice a year.

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