You really need a ton of energy while you're pregnant. After all, you're growing a new life inside you. However, when you really want to rest peacefully the most, it very well may be rare - particularly in the second and third trimesters, when observing the ideal sleeping position turns out to be even more of a challenge. Cuddling up to a pregnancy cushion can have a significant effect.

Pregnancy and then being a new mom accompany a bunch of unforeseen difficulties - a decent night's rest is one of them. That is the reason most pregnant ladies depend on supportive pregnancy cushions, which are intended to assist with lessening hip and back torment, further develop dissemination, and hold you back from moving on your stomach. However, not having access to the best quality pregnancy pillows and wedges can be quite a disappointment!

Keeping that in mind, Master MoltyFoam has introduced Pakistan's first-ever maternity pillow range that will be every mom and mom-to-be's new best friend! Introducing Pakistan's First-Ever Maternity Pillow Range We have got the best range of maternity pillows that are going to make everything much more comfortable and safer for you. Here, have a look and choose your best pick:

MoltyMom Pregnancy Wedge

MoltyMom Pregnancy Wedge is specifically designed to offer proper support and reduce the swelling in hands, legs, and feet by relieving back tension and associated stress. Place it under your belly, behind your back, or between your knees to help you feel more comfortable while relaxing or sleeping. It further helps you relieve nerve pain and leg numbness as well. Get yours here.

MoltyBaby Nursing Pillow

MoltyBaby Nursing Pillow perfectly offers versatile support for the baby's feeding time. The versatile nursing pillow by MoltyFoam lifts the baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable feeding, then transitions to the perfect spot for propping, tummy time, and learning to sit.

Bringing forth an innovative design for additional plush support for you and your baby helps your baby grow and further supports the baby during supervised awake time through first-year milestones. Get yours here.

MoltyMom Pregnancy Support Pillow

MoltyMom Pregnancy Support Pillow is one of the ideal pregnancy pillows to consider if you need a little extra rest for your knees to relieve the pressure off the pelvis. The multi-use pregnancy pillow's kidney-shaped design allows you to choose how much support you require without taking up the whole of your bed space. Its uniquely contoured design offers versatile comfort while following the shape of your body and cradle you where you need it. Additionally, it provides apt support and alignment for your head, neck, tummy, legs, and back. Get yours here.

MoltyMom Pregnancy Pillow Total Body

Are you looking for a perfect pillow for side sleeping during pregnancy? MoltyMom Pregnancy Pillow Total Body is carefully crafted to substitute the need for regular pillows while providing more proficient support. Enjoy this snugly pregnant cushion from top to bottom, which helps you unwind and re-energize while decreasing pressure points for side sleeping. Without claiming too much space, it provides your body with the support it needs. Get yours here.

The Bottom Line

Each pillow is crafted with special consideration to comfort, safety and protection. Have safe and joyous motherhood with Master MoltyFoam!

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