By now you must have gotten familiar with the symptoms indicating that you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. If not then read here! Nowadays we all are experiencing back issues in one way or another. I know it goes without saying, one cannot sleep well while hurting. Constant pains lead to sleep deprivation, in turn, damaging mental and physical health. Back pain is a serious issue that just cannot be treated with medication. It requires comfortable bedding which molds itself according to the body, provides support to the spine, and makes the sleep movement all the more smooth. Recognizing these growing health issues Master MoltyFoam launched a whole new MoltyOrtho range specifically designed to provide a solution to all your spine issues.

Choosing a mattress is not just another regular decision, in my opinion, it’s a crucial one. It's no such thing which can be replaced every other day. So, choose your pick wisely. If you’re finding yourself a mattress, look for the following factors:

Know Your Body Requirements:

Knowing your body requirements is the most basic and important thing for mattress shopping. Ask yourselves the following questions:

  • What type of sleeper are you?
  • Identify the areas requiring the most support while sleeping?
  • What exactly you feel bad about your current mattress?
  • What do you seek in your new mattress? Note your specifications down and find a mattress around them.

Is It Supportive Enough?

Well, I cannot emphasize enough- how great of a role mattress plays in your spine’s health and keeping it comfortable all the time while you’re asleep. If your bed doesn’t offer the right level of softness, support, and comfort, then my friend you’re in trouble. There is this very common perception that a firm mattress is good with back pain. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you “It is not true at all.” A firm mattress does not mold itself according to the natural curve of the spine, in turn, cause constant back pain. Likewise, an extremely soft mattress also doesn’t support the body, in turn, makes your back hurt. So, find a mattress that conforms to your body contours while providing support to them.

Is The Mattress Suitable According To Your Body Weight?

Bodyweight is another important factor when deciding on your mattress type. A soft or firm mattress is not recommended for heavy weighed people- a soft mattress would just sink them in making their movement difficult, however, a firm mattress will hurt them disturbing their natural spine alignment. A medium-firm mattress is the best fit for such people. However, for light weighed people soft mattress is a good choice- it lifts pressure off their bones, supports each contour of their body and let them move smoothly over the surface.

Know Different Types Of Mattresses Available In The Market:

Knowing mattress material can make a big impact on your purchase. There are several choices available like memory foam technology, cool-gel technology, pocketed spring mattresses, etc. Know each one of them to find the best suitable mattress for yourself. You don’t have to surf through the internet for guidance. Rather follow MoltyFoam’s blog to keep yourself educated with new mattress technologies.

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