Have you recently bought a new mattress? Are you scared of it getting dirty and stained? Do you have a child who just loves to drink milk while lying on the bed? If that is the case, read on as we are here to help you out!”

Caring for your mattress is not as complicated as it seems. A little attention and care can be your greatest helper in keeping your mattress in the best shape and excellent condition for years to come. If you've invested in a mattress, you probably expect it to offer you years of peaceful sleep. The typical mattress is meant to stand the test of time for up to a decade or more, but how it is cared for might reduce or prolong the life of your mattress.

Becoming conscious of the physical variables and understanding the finest solutions that work for a mattress may assist you in keeping your mattress fresh, clean, as well as pleasant for as long as humanly possible.

Today, at MoltyFoam, we have shortlisted the best way to protect your mattress and prolong its life span effectively.

Mattress Protectors – How Can They Help?

Getting the best mattress protector is among the finest as well as easiest solutions to ensure the protection of your mattress. A decent, high-quality mattress cover or waterproof mattress protector provides water-resistant coverage from spills and mishaps, as well as reducing the quantity of dirt, trash, or filth that gets onto your mattress.

This protects the components within your mattress from damage, prevents body oils and perspiration from harming it. It also helps avert bed bugs as well as allergic elements such as mold. When mishaps do occur, a protector helps make maintenance and protection very easy. You need to get your hands on a waterproof mattress protector at your earliest to make sure that your mattress is in perfect shape.

Waterproof Mattress Protector – Our Picks:

Here are our top suggestions for the best mattress protectors:

Ultra Water Proof Protector

The one solution that tops our list is the Molty ultra waterproof mattress protector. It is made using the highest quality hypoallergenic materials. It protects your mattress from spills while protecting your family from allergens and dust mites lurking in your mattress. It is carefully designed to lock in moisture for the best protection and comfort available. If we rate an ultra-waterproof mattress protector, we will give it a 10 out of 10.


The next one on our list is the Molty Protector is manufactured with hypoallergenic substances of the finest quality. It prevents and repels dust mites that may be hiding in the mattress. Allergens are kept at bay by the fresh guard technology. The protector has been meticulously developed to provide maximum protection while still providing a peaceful sleeping experience.

Mattress Pad

The third one on our list is the Molty Mattress pad. It is intended to give your current mattress a very soft velvety feel. This quilted pad is strong and long-lasting, and it is important for many causes. It adds an extra layer of comfort to your mattress and keeps it safe from getting stained as well. It is designed to provide additional solace, stability, and protection for your mattress. We really hope that these suggestions will prove to be a great help for you by keeping your mattress safe and clean for years to come! Browse the entire range of mattress protectors here

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