Studies discovered most cases of back pain are non-organic i.e. they are not associated with serious medical conditions such as inflammatory arthritis and osteoporosis.

But What Causes Back Pain Then?

Well, our back is an organized structure of ligaments, muscles, bones, and joints. Joint displacement, muscle disruption, ligament sprain, irritated joints, injuries, and wrong sleeping and sitting postures are the most common reasons why we develop back pain. In addition to these obesity, psychological stress and rigorous physical training can also be potential reasons.

How Backache Can Be Prevented?

Knowing a permanent solution to backache is a blessing these days. Growing neck and backache issues among children, adults, and elderlies require striking techniques that can help get rid of back pain. Let us clear one thing here, remedies and other methods require a good while of constant effort, endurance, and patience to work their magic. So, while making the following lifestyle changes and remedies practicing we’d suggest you be highly consistent and patient.

Switch To Orthopedic Relaxing Solutions:

You must be wondering how an orthopedic solution can help prevent back pain and neck aches? How a sleeping surface can help? Do you remember our grandmothers used to suggest us to sleep on hard surfaces to reduce back pain? Well, it might come as a shock to you but science has proven it wrong. A non-conforming surface unable to contour against the body curves worsens the pain.

Orthopedic solutions offer targeted comfort to body regions, maintains the natural spine alignment, take the stress off of the muscles, and reduce joints friction with firm support. Pakistan’s first orthopedic range approved by the American Orthopedic association is designed to provide relief from backaches caused due to poor posture, long sitting hours, injuries, and other orthopedic issues.

How Does Orthopedic Sleeping Solution Works?

Each of the orthopedic solutions has its own individual significance. But the best of the results can be obtained by utilizing these products in combinations. For instance, if you’re utilizing an orthopedic mattress get yourself a specialized neck or cervical pillow, utilize headrest while driving, use back care whilst sitting, make use of knee pillow to reduce knee stiffness, and consume the supportive support of coccyx in case of pain in T-bone while sitting and driving.


Moltyortho Mattresses are designed in such a way that they provide precedented support to the body curves and help improve the body posture while sleeping. It helps in keeping the spine aligned with the neck encouraging the natural curvature of the spine to hold its position and elevate the backpain.

Orthopedic Pillows:

Orthopedic pillows and mattresses are two must-haves from the medic support series. We spend almost 7-8 hours sleeping. Taking care of our posture while sleeping is mostly not under our own control. But orthopedic sleeping solutions can help us in this regard and provide us precedented support from tip to toe. Orthopedic pillows place the neck in such a position that it helps alleviate stress off of the neck muscles and shoulders reducing the chances of strain.

Backcare Accessories:

Whether you are a student or employee, a transporter or housewife, backcare accessories are essential for everyone to keep healthy posture maintained around the clock. However, headrest help in keeping the head in concordance with the spine reducing chronic neckaches and strain.

Remedies To Minimize Back Pain:

Utilizing the potential of natural remedies instead of allopathic medicines keeps one healthy for the long term. Remedies may show their effect slowly but will heal you from inside and help strengthen your immunity against the diseases.

  • Take drinks that are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties such as turmeric milk, ginger green tea, tart cherry juice, etc.
  • Sleep timely and try to get sleep of at least 6-7 hours. Certainly, backache affects sleep quality which in turn disturbs overall mental and physical health. Utilize supplements including Vitamin C and B6, Melatonin, and amino acids. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that helps with relaxing sleep however, vitamin C and B6 controls the metabolism to promote healthy sleeping mechanisms.
  • Stretching with backache may seem difficult. But try stretching the soft tissues and joints through yoga. For centuries Yoga has been considered an effective way to improve muscles' health and blood circulation. It helps distribute healthy nutrients across the body.
  • Considering the vitality of Vitamin for bones, neuromuscular strength and immune system functioning get yourselves D3 supplements with doctor’s advice.

Use Heat And Cold Packs:

Heat and cold packs are old yet highly effective ways to reduce back pain. Usually, ice packs are considered beneficial when applied directly to an injury or strain. Cold provides a sudden numbing effect that helps with inflammation and minimizes backache. Physicians highly recommend ice packing in case of sudden pain, swelling, and irritation. However, heating pads provide relief from muscle stiffness and achy muscles.

An unhealthy lifestyle and poor health choices have made us prone to backache. Almost every other individual encounters back pain once in a lifetime. In this article, we have summed up the simplest yet effective backache reducing techniques. Get rid of unnecessary medications and improve your overall health by implementing the above techniques!

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