In our part of the world, summer comes to stay for a long time. That demands some big changes in our sleep routine and overall bedroom setting. We, at Master MoltyFoam, are always here to help you make those changes in the best possible way. With our wide range of pillows that are not only perfect for summer but, also provide ample relief. After all, who doesn’t love the cold-side-of-the-pillow-feeling to during these hot, sweaty summer nights!

Here is a mini-guide about our top pillows for the summer. We really hope you will find what you are looking for.

Molty Cool Gel Pillow

Molty Cool Gel pillow always tops our list of the best pillows for the summer season. It is crafted using memory foam. We have carefully incorporated the cool gel beads to ensure temperature regulation. This pillow works perfectly for posture alignment and is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Lending soft support makes a restful night’s sleep a reality for everyone.

Molty Memory Aloe Vera Pillow

The Molty Memory Aloe Vera Pillow brings along modern foam technology. Incorporating the thermoregulatory technique ensures sensing of temperature changes and creating a cooling effect when it’s warm. It works its magic by absorbing excess heat on hotter days. It also contains healing properties of Aloe Vera which are both, healthy and soothing.

We have used the fresh guard technology and NASA’s Space-age technology to create this pillow. The memory foam and excellent choice of materials make it your perfect sleeping partner during the hottest summer nights.

Molty Nature’s Sleep Pillow

This limited edition pillow draws its inspiration from Nature - man’s inorganic body. It’s built with Memory Foam which provides second to none comfort along with relief from pressure.

Though this pillow is perfect for all seasons, using it in summer helps you reap the most benefits. It is crafted with memory foam and temperature-regulating gel, thus making it extremely supportive and comfortable. It incorporates the air circulation techniques and thus makes it easy for you to make the most out of those summer nights.

A Final Word:

We, at Master MoltyFoam, are committed to providing you the best comfort solutions. Visit our website today and choose the best summer accessories and sleeping solutions that fit your needs. We have something for everyone!

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