Getting adequate sleep is critical to our general well-being and wellness including the capacity to operate properly during the day. Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, our typical sleep routine might be interrupted by social events and activities, such as Sehri gatherings, Iftar parties, Tarawih, etc. that often last late into the night, causing our rest and lifestyle habits to change.

This can disturb our circadian rhythms and negatively impact our overall health in a variety of ways. Sleep is critical to our health and well-being, and not getting enough has consequences. Ramadan, where social engagements can keep individuals awake long into the night, is among the most prevalent times for disturbing sleep practices. Ramadan fasting and the lifestyle changes that come with it have been related to shifts in sleeping and daytime tiredness.

Top 3 Tips To Grab Your Required Hours Of Sleep This Ramadan

We have picked the top three tips that can help you have a restful night’s sleep and adequate rest during Ramadan. It is going to make you feel rejuvenated and well-rested during this Holy Month.

Keep A Check On Your Suhoor And Iftar Menu

You should not go to bed without dinner or feeling overstuffed. Avoid eating anything heavy or excessively oily at iftar. Your uneasiness may keep you awake. We normally observe that many people smoke cigarettes right after they break the fast in the evening, which can negatively affect your health and quality of sleep.

Additionally, caffeine should also be used with caution. The stimulating effect of nicotine/cigarettes or coffee/tea take several hours to fade away and could have a negative impact on sleep quality. Eat light and healthy items during Iftar to avoid getting your sleep disrupted while your body is working excessively hard to break down your food. Spicy meals, which can produce gas and indigestion, can also be detrimental to a good night's sleep. Eat healthy, light, and wisely at Iftar as well as Suhoor.

Take A Twenty Minutes Long Power Nap

A power nap might assist you if your vitality reserves are insufficient throughout the workday. Consider taking a 20-minute quick nap somewhere quiet, away from the noise, hustle, and bustle. You can use your car for this purpose. You can also use your office’s common room.

Set the alarm to make absolutely sure that you won’t sleep too much. Throughout this midday nap, strive not to snooze for more than twenty minutes since your brain will fall into a deep slumber, and then you will wake up feeling weary and sluggish. Quick naps are very beneficial for people who become weary and tired when heading home after a long day.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

Make your bedroom comfy, dark, and quiet, with temperatures that are neither too hot nor too chilly. To improve the quality of your sleeping environment, attempt to reduce external noise, light, and artificial lighting from gadgets such as alarm clocks. Make your bedroom a peaceful, calm, tidy, and delightful space. Aside from the calming surroundings, your mattress quality can also have an impact on sleep.

A new and comfortable mattress can help you sleep better. Furthermore, poor-quality bedding might aggravate lower back discomfort. The choice of mattress is a personal preference. If you're updating your mattress, go with your gut instinct. If you haven't updated your mattress or bedding in several years, you might be apprehensive that it is going to cost you a lot of money. But luckily, that is not the case when you have MoltyFoam’s Ramadan Replacement Offer going on.

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