Sleep Conference ‘23 by MoltyFoam Brings Together Sleep Specialists to Offer Solutions for Better Sleep

Sleep Conference ‘23 by MoltyFoam Brings Together Sleep Specialists to Offer Solutions for Better Sleep

World Sleep Conference ‘23, hosted by Master MoltyFoam, brought together leading sleep specialists to discuss and offer solutions to the growing problem of sleep disorders. The event, held on 22nd March 2023, was attended by professionals from the sleep industry, including doctors, researchers, and practitioners.

The World Sleep Conference provided a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the latest advancements in sleep science and discuss the common challenges faced by people suffering from sleep disorders. With a focus on practical solutions, the conference aimed to provide attendees with the knowledge and tools to help them achieve better sleep quality.

One of the key highlights of the conference was the keynote address by Dr. Kamran Cheema, a leading sleep specialist, and researcher, who shared insights into the latest research on sleep disorders and offered practical tips on improving sleep quality. Dr. Cheema discussed the importance of sleep hygiene, emphasizing the need for a consistent sleep schedule, a comfortable sleeping environment, the right choice of bedding, and proper sleep posture.

In addition to the keynote address, the World Sleep Conference featured a range of sessions, including interactive workshops and panel discussions, where attendees had the opportunity to network with other professionals and exchange ideas on best practices for improving sleep quality.

Commenting on the success of the event, Ms. Maham Fatima, Sr. Brand, and Strategy Manager MoltyFoam said,

"We are thrilled to have hosted the World Sleep Conference, which has been an incredible opportunity for sleep specialists to come together and share their expertise on this critical topic. We believe that by offering practical solutions and suggestions for better sleep, we can help people across the world overcome the challenges of sleep disorders and lead healthier, more productive lives."

The World Sleep Conference has been an important milestone in the ongoing effort to improve sleep quality and promote better health and wellbeing. MoltyFoam is committed to continuing to support this effort and looks forward to hosting more events in the future.


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